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Morning News

Joe Lieberman lost. Good. Time to realize We The People are still in charge.

Now if he were the true stateman he thinks he is, he'd forget about a third-party run and go work with Jimmy Carter or Angelina Jolie.

On another front, I see where a conservative magazine is reporting a rift between Condi and W over the Midast debacle. She and her Bush the Elder mentors are increasingly alarmed at Israel's bullheadedness. But W and his thugs Cheney and Rumsfeld don't want to lift a diplomatic finger. I guess when the going gets tough, when push comes to shove, old white men still rule.

If Condi had any integrity (or any interest in her place in history), she'd quit in protest. It would prove she's no Colin Powell.

The leftie comics love suggesting that she's getting it on with the President. If there's any truth to that, it's about time she snapped out of that delusion too. A black woman standing by her Massah no matter how evil his decisions are -- it just doesn't look good. She needs some girlfriends. Get Oprah on the phone.

Arianna's blog: she always seems to make sense to me.


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