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Heroics Take A Turn

Sometimes the little trolley car of my mind jumps its tracks. I walked into yoga class yesterday all wrapped up in female heroes. A few poses and deep breaths later, I walked out with a new project smack-dab in a man's world. Wuh?

I've been grooving along in my ancient goddess world of chakras and tantra and mythologies for weeks now. It kept my imagination lively and also gave me a route into learning new presentation software. But I got to a certain plateau and wondered, where am I going next with this?

My post-Institution career was supposed to be about two things: creative production and stewardship for all our collections.

The stewardship has mostly been about selling the low-end stuff on Ebay. What I've discovered along the way is that selling is not as easy as buying.

Jim's major, "completed" collection revolves around Charles Darwin. He essentially has every book written by Darwin (in multiple editions) or about Darwin, from the 1850s through about 1980. And he also has the spin-offs by Darwin's buddies Wallace and Huxley. It's a valuable collection but deciding what to do with it is not so easy. But decisions must be made. Dealers must be contacted.

So I left yoga class yesterday with the realization that yammering about women with jobs to accomplish and hurdles to overcome is not the same as being one.

Jim has a complete card file on this collection. I was going to scan all the cards to get the ball rolling, but then I realized only 3 cards would fit to a page. Bite the bullet: start typing.

By last night I was on page 12, single-spaced, deep into the world of 19th century gentlemen scientists debating the origin of species.


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