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No Lessons Learned

Listening to the talk shows yesterday annoyed me. Have we sunk so low that violence is our answer to everything? That diplomacy and negotiation are defined as a weakness to be mocked?

The fact that Israel is perched precariously on the edge of extinction has not changed in 60 years. Yes, they are our ally. Yes, they have every right to defend themselves. But by letting them loose on Hezbollah, we aren't ridding the world of Islamo-terrorists. We are fueling them.

Remember those scary 1950s movies? Nuclear explosions do not kill off the beasties. They turn the beasties into armies of crunching homicidal monsters.

When will we learn that violence is a poor method of peacemaking?

And when will we learn that "giving people the vote" does not make democracies and doesn't end violence either? America elected a war president who caters to right-wing Christianist zealots. Israel has evolved into its own militaristic theocracy. So why are we surprised that "democratized" Arabs elect angry Islamists?

Would someone in charge please read a history book?


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