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Thoughts on a Rainy Morning

I woke up to a roaring noise. Rain. This summer seems all about thundrous monsoons. We never seem to have just "showers" anymore.

This operatic morning makes me wonder about the overall climate change — what it means for us and how fast it will happen. We live a hundred yards or so from the Irondequoit Creek which flows north into Lake Ontario. It tends to flood if we get a couple days in a row like today.

The climate change experts talk about rising ocean levels as the polar ice caps melt. I've been thinking, then, that our building could be sitting on the bank of a river before long.

But now I hear that's not how it's going to work. The Great Lakes will not rise with the oceans. They'll begin to dry out. And warmer water surfaces means more lake-effect snow.

But does anyone look on the bright side of these things? Will there be more snow but shorter winters? Will our fresh water become as precious a resource as oil, with Great Lakes states (and Ontario, Canada) becoming as powerful as OPEC? As Florida disappears and the Eastern seaboard gets swamped and tropical, will Rochester become the new Hilton Head?


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