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Chakras Meet Flash

I suppose an objective observer would accuse me of jumping around from project to project. And yet I feel very quiet, even focused.

Yesterday I threw myself headlong into the world of creating presentations using Macromedia Flash (er, now Adobe Flash).

Back to my "chakra" project with Joanne. She would be satisfied with a lovely Power Point presentation. And yet Power Point and its implied bullet points seems so... mundane. So I've decided to see if my learning how to do interactive Flash presentations can converge with her deadline.

I dug into a tutorial and by the end of the day had converted it to the basics for my own project. See the little chakra symbols on the left in the screenshot above? Click on one of them (not you - it's only a screenshot) and a new slide pops up. I only have a prototype for one slide, but I'm calling the endeavor a victory so far.

In theory I can now incorporate video and sound in ways more controllable than with Power Point. We'll see. I'm usually good at accurately following the steps in a tutorial. Understanding what the heck I'm doing is a whole 'nother thing. (Pride goeth before the fall.)

Stay tuned...




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