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Another Tutorial: Photo Restoration

I abandoned my book project to sink myself into another tutorial — this time on color photo restoration. I flowed along with it yesterday, hardly budging from the quiet of my studio.

Quite a while ago I brought back the life to the 1956 Kodacolor of me and my cousins, celebrating Easter at my grandparents' house. I was proud of what I did and thought it would make a cool tutorial. But when I looked at it the other night I realized that I'd forgotten how I did it. Grrr...

So I started reconstructing it. I really have a lot to learn about color correction, so the time was well spent. In fact, I found some better methods along the way. Yesterday's final product (below) is overall less red and the dresses are not quite like dyed Easter eggs. The upper right corner is still light struck and the bottom right has scratches, but ... that's for another day.

I submitted the tutorial to Good-Tutorials, which has a lot of cool How-Tos.


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