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Producing Tutorials

I'm trying to be productive this week. Sometimes "productive" means getting a creative project done; sometimes it means earning money. Occasionally it means both.

I'd like to say "I get paid" for writing these meandering entries every morning. Wouldn't that make me a "professional writer"? If free newspapers and network TV make money based on paid advertising, then so do I. I make anywhere from a penny to a dollar when someone clicks on those little ads that show up on my pages. When the clicks add up to a hundred bucks, I get a check. Pay day!

Google nicely provides statistics on which pages produce the most clicks. For me it's TUTORIALS.

I haven't produced any tutorials in ages, so last night I dug into get something done — a Photoshop tutorial on how to turn your favorite photo into a design like the one above. It's not quite ready to submit to a tutorial site, but the hard part is done.


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