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Who Stands to Win from War?

I'm trying to figure out who will profit from all out war in the Middle East. Is there method to the madness? An ounce of strategy? Or have logic and competence completely given way to emotion? Would someone please point me to the adults?

What is Israel trying to prove? If they kill 10 innocents for every Hezbollah whacko, will their security be enhanced?

The Hezbollah warrior chiefs are laughing. "Bring it on." Are they mocking George Bush?

Are the oil companies only interested in short-term profits? Do they think that economic collapse -- breaking the backs of fuel-dependent economies -- will benefit them in the long run?

Or are opportunistic oil companies being secretly manipulated by the hyper-opportunistic Chinese? There's a conspiracy theory for you. I have no doubt that China's long-range plan is to be the next solo super-power. What better way than to sit back on their rich economy and watch the Monotheocracies consume themselves in religious wars?

I have no doubt that the Jiminy Cricket "When You Wish Upon A Star" Bush Administration is completely incompetent to handle this situation. No clever, secret strategies there. They can only relive their dumb Katrina scenarios over and over again. "Who could have guessed...?"

I keep hoping leadership will emerge from Europe. Europeans are much less insulated from the Mideast than we are. They have everything to lose. But they haven't coalesced as a super-power yet so they don't have quite the diplomatic clout that the U.S. would have, if we ever chose to try serious diplomacy again.

Oy. Time to flip on the TV to see today's fresh horrors and to hear what the pundits are saying. And while I watch, I'll go back to making my videos to recruit Deaf kids into theater courses.


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