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I think World War III has started. Why is Israel freaking out? Why are Condoleeza Rice and Steven Hadley just tsk-tsking while Bush escalates the rhetoric to involve Syria and Iran? If we egg on Israel to make a strike on Iran, all Iran has to do is disrupt the flow of oil to the West and the price of gasoline goes to $20/gallon. Then we're screwed.

What is it about war that the Bush Administration loves? Haven't they learned anything from Iraq? Hasn't Israel learned anything in 60 years? Show me where arrogance and big guns alone have made someone a winner. When the IRA was setting off bombs in London, did England start carpet bombing the airports, bridges and highways of Northern Ireland? Where has the art of diplomacy gone? Since when is it effective to take out the bad guys by making thousands of innocent people suffer?

If "innocent people" can be accused of enabling and protecting a bunch of whackos, then we all need to be tarred with that brush.

I can't decide whether it's the corporatists or the Christianists who are driving this Administration. It's a match made in hell. The End of Days is prophesied to begin in Israel, so I'm sure Bush's fundamentalist advisors are rubbing their hands with glee. The Rapture is nigh.

What is it about monotheistic religions — Christianity, Judaism, Islam — that makes them love war? What would Jesus say?


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