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TV Wrap-Up

Well, the TV season seems to be wrapped up, except for the everlasting reruns and the new and final season of "Deadwood" starting Sunday on HBO . Here's my final opinions:

"Big Love" (HBO). My surprise favorite. Polygamists try to hide in plain sight among suburban Mormans. Everyone is godly — or at least trying to be — but they all have their little secrets. Wonderful acting.

"Sopranos" (HBO). A disappointment. I wanted more Dr. Melfi, less Gay Vito. Interesting for the mob to have one of their captains turn out to be gay, but it took the story out of New Jersey and up to New Hampshire and distracted us from the main Tony drama. And you know Vito's doomed anyway.

"CSI" (CBS) Kind of lost me this season. Not enough Grissom. The other CSIs and "Without A Trace" are good but they weren't compelling enough to get me through my sleepy 10 o'clock hour. I see that "Without A Trace" is on one of the rerun channels now...

"House" (Fox). Excellent. But I keep wondering why we all like someone so nasty.

"Boston Legal" (ABC). Tried this one at my mom's suggestion. It's good in a bizarre sort of way. Are James Spader and William Shatner really playing two old queens?

"Huff" (Showtime). I stumbled on this one. Kind of an upper middle class soap opera. Way whiney, but I'm sort of hooked. I love Blythe Danner.


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