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Pre-Vacation Goal Pondering

Here I sit — two weeks before our vacation starts — thinking about goals again. What do I need to accomplish before we head off into the Heartland?

Ebay. Nothing. 3 auctions up now, with enough time to send the items off, assuming they sell.

Home improvements. All set till late summer/fall, when we may do our living room floors and the 2 stairways.

Personal improvement. Stop eating! I'm really on a sweets jag. Must be good for at least a couple weeks to reward myself with fun eating on vacation. Made hair appointment. Exercise. Sit up straight. Shave my legs! Oh, the list could go on and on...

Cosmo Radio. Try to push along my "Midlife Web Diary" piece toward broadcast. Plug away at my new "Respect" piece. Since the audience for that piece is more sound/radio professionals, I'm trying to take some time to dig deeper into the capabilities of Acid Pro, my sound mixing software. Also trying to follow advice about positioning the voices clearly in a "sound space," so I'm playing with the stereo features.

Other creative. Not doing anything visual lately, what's up with that? I should post another Photoshop tutorial.

Problem-solving. Need to figure out the upgraded version of Cleaner, a video rendering package I have. I found that some of the videos on our Cosmopolitan Productions home page aren't working. More frustrating: My video players (like Windows Media Player) on this computer won't play the video part of movies even though the clips play fine from within my editing software. Quicktime plays the visual, but no audio comes out. What the...??!! Something's screwed up somewhere...

Nothing terribly ambitious here but I better get going...



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