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The Letdown

I came back from Toronto with my head full of ideas. But what did I really do yesterday? By midday, all those great little ideas seemed like a whole lot of challenges I'm not sure I'm up to.

It's easy to feel supported and energized at a conference. Then it's easy to feel completely isolated back at home.

So I got organized, downloaded stuff to my iPod, picked up Herman, got some groceries. Couple good eBay sales came through — nice. Checked out some websites recommended at the conference. Took a nap.

Got back into our routine. Concocted a soup for dinner. Watched the news and a horrifying movie ("The Fly" — new version). Then I picked up a tape sync job for Friday (that's where I record this end of a phone interview) — not creative, but stimulating — a chance to work with someone in the biz.

I have a full day today. My consultation work in the morning — they didn't send me the minutes from last week, so I'm walking in cold... Then my audiology/ENT appointment about the ringing in my ears.

I need a production playmate... someone interested in sound and stories...



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