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Republicans Lecture on Fairness?

Nothing makes me laugh louder than Republicans lecturing me on "fairness." So you can imagine my guffaws while watching yesterday's "Meet The Press." The joke goes like this: You can't give undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship, no matter how many hurdles they have to jump, because, well, it just wouldn't be fair!! Legal immigrants follow proper procedure, and here we go giving concessions to illegals. Unfair!! Unfair!!

Aren't these the same Republicans who just gave rich people gigantic tax cuts but refuse to boost the minimum wage? Aren't these the same Republicans who vote for whichever special interest comes up with the most dough for their "favorite charities" (wink, wink)? Aren't these the same Republicans who turned Medicare drug benefits into a giant hand-out to pharmaceutical companies?

Who is screaming UNFAIR!! about those policies? Why are they more worried about fairness toward legal immigrants than they are about fairness toward working class Americans?

Hmm... So, if they aren't really "fairness" nuts, what has them all cranked up about this? Who's buttering their bread on this issue?

Theory 1. They like the status quo. Ah, true conservatives! After all, rich people shouldn't have to pay Social Security taxes for their pool boys and gardeners. It would eat into their tax cuts and that would be unfair!!

And what if newly legal strawberry pickers organized for higher wages and better working conditions? Just think of how unfair that would be to their agribusiness employers!! Those employers might have to cut back on their Republican campaign contributions. How unfair!!

Theory 2. They are just plain afraid of the country being overrun by Mexicans. Keep the 11 million terrified of deportation and build a giant fence. Pass a law to make English the official language. Like I said yesterday, we can turn the US into a giant gated community — as long as there's a service entrance for the strawberry pickers and the the housekeepers.



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