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Impeach Bush?

You can almost hear the Democrats licking their chops at the prospect of taking Congress back from the Republicanistas and Radical Christianist Toadies. But if the Dems do take over, should impeaching W be the first item of business?

I say, "No." We have all the time in the world to prove the Bush Administration was the worst in history and to figure out delicious ways to humiliate little George. In the meantime, why boot him out of office if the upshot is making Dick Cheney the Prez? Where would that get us? Out of proverbial frying pan and into you-know-where.

I'd appreciate Congress getting some work done for a change in preparation for a competent Administration taking over the Executive Branch in 2008. We need policy-makers, not grandstanders. Please. (My worry is that the only new faces running for office are those who think public service is about organizing your corporate backers, not about making tough decisions for the good of the country.)

I'd like to see sane foreign policy, fair trade policy, responsible energy policy, and more taxes on people who have nothing better to do with their money than buy Congress.

Is illegal immigration a problem? Yes. But is the solution about making the U.S. a giant gated community? No. The solution lies in a better strategy for boosting Mexico. Mexico has huge population pressures — the kids are already born who will need jobs tomorrow . We used to put factories in Mexico for cheap labor but we ripped those out to put them in Vietnam and China.

Oh, I'm starting a rant in a new direction... My point is this: We need a Congress full of good thinkers, not big talkers.



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