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DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE intersection OF motherhood & lilac sky

Lilacs & Mothers

Rochester is the "Lilac City." It turns purple in spring. The gods are smiling on us when the lilacs bloom in conjunction with the actual Lilac Festival. And we're twice blessed when this all coincides with Mother's Day, so that families can drag the old dears through the park to swoon on the fragrance.

Highland Park. Photo by SBP 5/13/06

I was going to make a little Mother's Day toast here, but I realized that I was about to say the same thing I said last year.

Anyway, in honor of Mother's Day and the haunting power of mothers, I'm debuting my new radio piece -- yes, the one I've been torturing over for weeks and weeks. This is a story most of you know already. I thought I had so much writing done that it would be a piece of cake. But maybe too much writing is a curse -- I needed several versions to get it shaped into something short and readable.

So wipe the lilac color out of your eyes and turn up your speakers. Here it is.



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