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Terrifying TV

Do you watch some TV in spite of yourself? At the moment, my lapses into moral decay revolve around afternoon reality show re-runs.

I know better not to let myself get hooked on the soaps (I'd be rearranging my day around them). But every once in a while I get pulled into the vast wasteland of afternoon cable. If I can't stomach a Senate hearing on C-SPAN or if I'm sated with home improvements, I find myself watching "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" on the Style channel.

Part of my problem is that I don't get the big investment in weddings and the whole self-involved princess fantasy. Nothing against self-involvement... I guess I just prefer mine to be private (like a large stash of M&Ms you don't have to share). Why do young women insist on having mega-weddings outdoors during hurricane season?

I guess the show is also stoking the fires of the wedding industry. In spite of all the emotion, it always turns out to have been a glorious adventure, so what young woman is ever going to be satisfied again with a reception at the church gym with crepe paper decorations and all the beer you can drink?

Then I think about being a wedding planner -- is this where all the great organizational talent is going these days? Is this what rich people buy with their giant tax cuts?

Think about it. Think about this country at its greatest. Where did the best organizational and logistical minds go? I'd like to think they were building the institutions and infrastructures that create a robust society. Are the best minds today being seduced into occupations like wedding planners -- or video game design or film special effects production? No wonder the CIA can't find terrorists, and our levies are collapsing, and our military strategy is a joke.



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