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DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE intersection OF sleepiness & anxiety


My mind is jumping around this morning. I slept "late" -- till 7:30 so I feel like the day already has the jump on me.

I'd do a Sunday political rant, but I'm disgusted with everything on that front.

I'm thinking about Maria and her new house. I love the idea of people investing in existing housing stock rather than ripping down and building new. But her gorgeous house is full of rotting smoke-permeated carpet (fortunately over great wood floors) and every-room-a-different-pattern bad-taste wallpaper. I visited yesterday -- not much help. I toured with a glass of wine in my hand while her "real friends" ripped off wall paper and pulled up carpet. Well... I did find her cable modem.

Oh, God I should be scanning stuff for Ebay... And I need to correct all those "Paul Wall" listings.

I'm thinking about family history too. Pat D. makes beautiful scrapbook pages for her family history work, then scans them and prints them out into binders for her grandchildren. Isn't that nice? I'm too focused on getting all the little details. Scrapbook pages seem like fun compared to web pages, with their rigid structure and lack of texture. And yet the web pages are so accessible and infinitely revisable.

My radio project calls... I think I got a good recording of my voice now. Anxious to get back to that -- not Ebay.

Need to paint one piece of trim -- a narrow shelf that we had little statues on. Why didn't I do that two weeks ago???

Both Pat D. and Joanne P were amazed that Arun Gandhi gave me his book of his grandfather's stories and encouraged me to make a movie from them -- and even more amazed that I hadn't jumped on that opportunity. Why haven't I? Something is holding me back...

And the sun is shining!



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