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Voice Challenge

I finished my radio script. (Let's call it "Midlife Crisis.") Score 1 for maintaining focus. I set up my usual recording studio in the bedroom (walls padded with books and soft art; no humming appliances), practiced, revised, practiced, recorded. Hmm... I'm afraid there are a few problems to be solved before this goal can be checked off my list.

First of all, completing a radio project is important to me not only to keep Cosmopolitan Productions and my arts career alive. At my dad's funeral, when I was praying to him to let my voice work while I delivered the eulogy, I decided that "voice" would be his gift to me to develop. And I decided that a project where I let me actual voice ring out (not just my writer's voice) would be my private memorial to him -- the man with the great storytelling voice who let his own youthful dream of being a radio announcer or sportscaster slip by.

So here I am.

Problem 1. Too long. Times out at 14 minutes. This might be okay for "This American Life," but I wanted to pitch it to "Weekend America," which wants pieces clocked at 3-8 minutes. I think I need all the beats -- all the tiny turning points -- I included in my story, but now I have to go back and take out my windiness.

Problem 2. My voice -- too boring. I really don't like radio voices that are too bright and peppy, but I at least need to be conversational and engaging. Intimate. Not droning. I need to get someone's voice in my head and become that voice. I think that's called "acting." Onward...



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