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Walter "Curly" Price Day

It's my father's birthday -- the first without him. I don't want to be sad. But it should be some kind of Curly Memorial Day. Think about it...

While my dad found people of every type fascinating and memorable, he was less tolerant of religion and its tight-lipped demands. Still, if there were a St. Curly, I'd make him the patron saint of children's bedtime — that hour when children are overtired and cranky but refusing to let go of the day. He was the master at settling us down with songs and stories, even if it sometimes meant he'd be the first to doze off.

If "Saint Curly" isn't in the cards, there could still be rituals connected with his Day. Other than having a bottle of beer and watching a baseball game, the best one I can think of is this: contact an old friend you haven't seen in ages and tell them how great they are. It could catch on...

Happy Birthday, too, to my nephew Sam who has the privilege now of carrying on his grandfather's traditions.



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