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Excuse Me For A Minute While I Whine

If Easter is supposed to be about resurrection and renewal — revitalization — I got left out. What a long, taunting day. Except for a couple emails from my mom and a note from Rose about a new death certificate database, the universe was silent.

Part of the problem is that I was pretty well caught up on all my projects and not feeling very ambitious. And there was no excuse to go shopping -- we had plenty of food, plenty of Easter candy, and enough arts and crafts supplies to satisfy just about any creative whim, should one come along.

The house is moderately clean and who wants to run a vacuum on Easter anyway? That's more of a New Year's Day activity.

The weather was gorgeous. It screamed, Do Something! But my stupid tulips (the bulbs I threw over the side of my geranium bed 3 years ago) were blooming and the bird feeders were full. Too cool to sit out and enjoy. I did go for a walk and that killed an hour.

The week's auctions were over, my customers all paid up, shipping notices sent, bookkeeping done. I had no sales at all. Silence. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Suppertime brought some pleasant activity. Jim came home from his own meandering and we had a little feast. For a movie we watched "The History of Violence." Good but, yikes, it was brutal. Was that the message I needed for Easter: kill or be killed?

I didn't really want to spend all day scanning old magazine covers and listing them on ebay, but that's what the day added up to. I was looking forward to episodes of "The Sopranos" and "Huff" but neither were very engaging -- no forward momentum. So I kept reaching for another magazine cover, thinking okay, I'll do one more.

I was happy to finally go to bed.

All right , I'm done whining. It's Monday. An ebay sale is in my mailbox, ready for processing. I can go to yoga class to work out the kinks in my back. I have a lunch planned with an old colleague. Maybe Donald Rumsfeld will need to spend more time with his family. Ready to rumble...



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