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Restless Sunday Nights

Am I feeling energetic or is my cold finally over? Is it energy or merely restlessness? Is it the time change or am I simply hooked on TV?

Yesterday was busy but I still wound up puttering at my desk till midnight, watching "The Sopranos," then what turned out to be a two-hour season's premiere of "Huff," on Showtime.*

This turns out to be a typical Sunday night pattern for me, left over from my days working at the Institution. You're supposed to get a good night's sleep on Sunday to meet the week of challenges ahead, but I would stay up as late as possible to cling to the weekend enjoyment. But now? One day slides into another, not always full of thrills, but satisfyingly self-directed.

Yesterday started out with Jim and I taking photos of every single African mask we own -- I'm always promising myself to learn more about them. Then we re-hung all the art in our newly painted gallery. But, ugh, I still have to paint the trim, so... onto the task of patching and sanding.

Maria came over about 2:30. We talked about a Cosmo project over faux margaritas** and popcorn. Then I went back to work on the woodwork.

We ate a chili concoction for supper.*** I drowsed through the news. Then we watched a movie -- "Lilja 4-Ever." Downer. A Swedish/Danish movie about a lonely, penniless Russian teenager who gets caught up in international sex trafficking. No laughs.

You'd think that would have been enough cinematic pain for one night.

But no. I sat down at my desk, flipped on the TV, posted five more items on ebay, did ebay paperwork. I was ready to turn in but some email came through -- two sales! So, there are others out there who prolong their weekends, sitting at their computers, restless, searching...



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*What a great show, discovered by accident.

**Crystal Lite pink lemonade with tequila.

*** Store-bought chili doctored up.