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DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE corner OF exotic & eggregious

Wall of Masks

You enter our condo to a hall of masks.

Oh, I see in the New York Times Magazine that, in the luxury apartment floorplans they feature, these areas are now referred to as galleries. That's us, all right.

African Masks & Textiles

This is our favorite wall. We love the African masks, the sculpture on the floor, and the squares of Kuba cloth (from the Congo region). Ages ago we had a wood floor installed over the poured concrete* and my grandmother's American-Persian rugs add a touch of Explorers' Club color.

But, like all our displays, it's rich on content, poor on context. The wall paint is the dullest-possible scruffed-up apartment off-white.

Anyway, this is our latest project. Brian installed track lights. The walled has been cleared and painting has commenced. Stay tuned...



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*This area doesn't know if it's a basement or not. On the other side of the wall is the garage. You have to go up the stairs to the left to get to the kitchen and living room.