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Wednesday, 3.8.06: Numbers Game at Home Depot

Yesterday I revealed the dirty secret of Jim's inner sanctum, so to be fair and balanced, today I'll tell you what a wonderful shopper he is.

I need a bathroom sink. I had my eye on a medium expensive pedestal from Kohler. Brian the contractor said Home Depot had similar ones, much cheaper, but they weren't on display at "my" Home Depot, which is 2 blocks away.

So off Jim and I went to Irondequoit. We zeroed in on an American Standard -- not the cheapest but still half the price of the Kohler. Of course the pedestal sinks were all displayed on a shelf about 4 feet above our heads. I wrote down the stock number to give to Biran.

But Jim spotted a problem: the picture on the box didn't look like the display model. I summoned up a sales helper. He was sort of shrugging it off and I was thinking about my 3 o'clock cocktail, but Jim had him open the box. Hmmm... same stock number, same model name "Williamsburg," but not a match to the floor model by any stretch of the imagination.

With his eagle's eyes Jim could read that the teensy model number on the distant display wasn't the same as the model number on the boxed version.

To make a long story short, Jim put our sales helper through some exquisite torture over the digits in the model number. He wouldn't let it drop as the sales person kept ripping open boxes.

This ordeal by data lasted until I spotted a box with the correct sink 6 feet from the others. Then -- dot, dot, dot -- we came up with the pedestal.

We were triumphant. Instead of handing all this confusion to Brian, we bought the sink on the spot.

Without Jim, I'm sure I would have pulled a Scarlett O'Hara: "I'll think about it tomorrow."




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