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Tuesday, 3.7.06: What Me, Spoiled?

Yesterday the contractor team arrived to start ripping out the 1st floor powder room. Since there were 3 men for a 3 x 6 space, they decided they'd rip out the 2nd floor bathroom too.

That leaves us with only one bathroom -- the one off our bedroom.

The horror.

This master bathroom has long been "Jim's." The bathroom in the hall -- the one that got ripped out -- is "mine." They are both 6 x 6 windowless utilitarian places, but having one for each of us is a luxury -- I know, I know -- few people have.

But having two toilets has allowed each of us to, shall we say, sink to our own tolerable level of hygiene. I scooped up the final wad of hair from my tub drain yesterday, minutes before the tub was ripped out, only so the workers wouldn't think I was completely gross.

Jim doesn't pee on his toilet seat, but still... Moving into someone else's unscrubbed private place is not a pretty sight.

Yes, I grew up in a house where 6 of us shared a bathroom, but, in families, mothers usually have to assume the role of hygiene czar because that's just part of the deal.

Yes, I've lived in a dorm room where 4 young women shared one bathroom -- but there you slowly develop a consensus about the group tolerance for scum.

But I have not entered my husband's bathroom in at least 3 years. I think he was very sick back then, when I thought that scrubbing his bathroom would make everything all better. Could it be that was the last time his tub got the full scour? I'm sure Jim has no idea what the"SoftScrub" bottle is for.

So last night, while I scrubbed, Jim emptied his medicine cabinet of expired medications dating back to the 19th century.

Yes, I'm spoiled about the separate bathroom, but is there anything more satisfying than watching dull gray porcelain return to gleaming white???



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