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Mean Girls - SBPFriday, 2.24.06: Women Working Together

Can women get along in the workplace?

We all know about the war of the sexes -- women from Venus, men from Mars. And we all know the towel-snapping locker-room joviality between competing men in a male-dominated organization.

But would the world really be a better place if women were in charge?

Mean girls and their grown-up equivalents is a theme I keep coming back to. And a short film on women's tendency to undermine one another in the workplace is always on the Cosmopolitan Productions pre-planning agenda.

Where can we see examples of this?

Working Girl (1988) is the story of Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) and her rise from a big-hair, black-eyeliner office assistant to a powerful female executive. Her new female boss Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) seems like the perfect mentor... at first. But when Tess discovers that Katherine has stolen one of her ideas, the cat emerges. Tess uses her brains and her feminine wiles to show Katherine for the user she is. Our sympathies are always with Tess -- the underdog -- because Katherine comes across as a psycho-bitch, right?

In All About Eve (1950) our sympathies are with the older woman (Bette Davis) -- the mentor -- who is mercilessly used by the ambitious Eve (Ann Baxter).

The women in these movies work their subtle manipulations against their "sisters" through men. I wonder -- do ambitious women consider men their ultimate power tool? (Men are supposed to love "cat fights," but do they even realize half the time how they are being used?)

Surely there must be stories of women undermining one another in female communities...

To be continued...


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