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Thursday, 2.23.06: Long Lost Pages

For the past 48 hours or so I've been switching "Mad In Pursuit" to a new web-hosting service. I was paying for a local "premium" service, but they wound up annoying me. I guess the "premium" was that I learned how to register and organize my own domain names* -- which in the long run is what set me free.

The change took about 48 hours to "propagate" itself throughout the internet world. So I took the opportunity to clean up my gigantic site.

Cleaning out a longstanding web site is like cleaning out a closet -- lots of stuff for the trash bin but occasionally some forgotten delights.

I found some nice old diary entries like this one, written exactly 3 years ago: margaritas against the madness.

Then I found an orphaned piece on do-it-yourself adventure travel. I must have published it at one time or another, but it got left out in one of my past reorganizing sprees. The essay describes a common pattern of so many of our trips to exotic locales. Link to TRAVEL DIARIESIt's a good reminder for me not to get too timid about adventure travel in my middle age.

That led to jazzing up my travel diaries page

*;; etc.



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