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Monday, 2.20.06: Sheet Music Progress

I was going to spend part of yesterday working on my "Good Government" platform. Maybe from my little perch I could do something that counts instead of merely ranting about the latest affront to my Rooseveltian sensibilities.

But instead I opted for a short-term gain: scanning the last 100 pieces of sheet music for sale. That makes 512 in total, way more than would fit in the average piano bench, and mind-boggling for a household where no one plays an instrument.

But, with 419 of them actually listed, I've sold 120 pieces so far for, about six bucks each. It's not bad I guess. But if I never seen another piece of sheet music, I won't be sorry.

Memo to anyone who thinks they will earn some pocket change off the well-worn stacks found in grandma's piano bench: no one buys the ratty ones. And no one is interested in Dick Powell or Bing Crosby. We're living in a Fred Astaire and Judy Garland era.

Here's what sold in 2005:

sheet music sold in 2005



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