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Sunday, 2.19.06: Great Government Manifesto

I heard Bush referred to as a "big government conservative." I think there's a strategy there. I thinks he's getting government all bloated with incompetence, so that the people will finally rise up and say, "YES, government is bad -- get rid of it."

I think the people should rise up -- but only to get rid of the neocon "masterminds" and demand good government.

Here is the start of my GREAT GOVERNMENT platform:

Of The People, by The People, for The People -- never forget this

What's good for The People is good for business (not the other way around)

Universal, national health insurance -- a no-brainer

Government bureaus will be efficient and courteous, with clear missions that are done well.

Okay for the government to outsource to private companies, but there has to be high quality standards, actively monitored.

Contracting with the government should be a smooth, pleasant experience, but not a gravy train.

Political campaigns and their contributions must be arm's length from actual governing. Candidates can only accept contributions through a blind contribution processing system.

Lobbyists and associations can pay for educational trips and conferences, but they don't get to choose who goes. And the one who go have to write a report about "what they learned."

All corporate structures and money trails must be put on the internet. Exactly who owns what (including those "charitable foundations" that crooked politicians seem to have) must be readily accessible in plain language and standard graphic formats. This includes foreign and multi-national structures, too.

Government officials -- elected or appointed -- must care more about their own professional ethics than about The People's "morality." Shut up about abortion till your own glass house is in order. Corruption is always sitting on the shoulder of the powerful and must be actively and openly dealt with.

Children and youth will be encouraged to enter public service as a noble career path -- not the best route to a lucrative job as a lobbyist. We need smart, capable people in all branches, at all levels of government!

What else do we need? (Besides a kick-ass logo, a better name and some catchy slogans.) LET's START A MOVEMENT! How many politicians (of any party) could we get to sign our pledge?




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