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Tuesday, 2.14.06: Enneagrams, 2

I don't know that I want to become an Enneagram freak, but they are fun for a day.

Two of my loyal readers were having trouble deciding whether they were Type 2 Helpers or Type 7 Enthusiasts. Here's another site that might shed some light. This one is pretty interesting too.

Yesterday, we decided that Jim is a Five, like me. An Investigator, aka Thinker or Observer. Double Fives make for an interesting relationship:

To a Five, another Five is virtually his or her idea of the perfect companion: well informed, intellectually stimulating, independent, imaginative, quiet (unless it's about subjects of mutual interest), fact oriented (as opposed to being utterly emotional and subjective), non-intrusive, and always ready for a good debate or a good movie. Since they do not wish to be controlled in any way, or even for people to know too much about them, Fives give a great deal of personal and emotional space to each other. It may be weeks or even months before they both see the insides of each other's homes. They value tactfulness and would never knowingly put people on the spot for personal information or make personal demands on anyone for favors. Distance, respect, courtesy, good boundaries, few demands (and no expectations), are hallmarks of a double Five pairing...

Some Fives are more forward socially but their experience is somewhat like the mating of shy and prickly animals... Two Fives, as a pair, they must learn quickly how to balance the independence they require with the degree of intimacy and personal sharing and self-disclosure required to establish a meaningful relationship...

So this explains why it took more that fifteen years of "courtship" before the two of us decided we could live together.

We went out to dinner last night (to beat the Valentine's Day rush) and toasted to our Double-Fiveness.




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