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Sunday, 2.12.06: Republican Courage?

It's not a good time to be a Democrat in Washington. They lost all the branches of government and are continually mocked for "having no agenda" and for "not speaking with one voice" -- in other words, for not acting like Republican myrmidons.*

But being the underdog has its advantages. You can wear the demeanor of shocked indignation at all times. And ultimately, Americans start rooting for the underdog.

But Congressional Republicans -- now they are in a worse position. Some day historians will document how the Bush Administration either ushered in or very nearly ushered in the American Dark Ages. Whether it is our demise or only a close call is in the hands of Republican legislators.

How many Republicans are willing to buck the party discipline and bring us back from the brink of evil? Who will declare their loyalty to America and turn their backs on corporate-sponsored paranoid pseudo-religious zealotry? Who will think beyond the next election? Who will realize that they will not be remembered for their loyalty to George Bush but for their loyalty to the Constitution and the rule of law?

Who will think beyond the next election?

They certainly managed to get their shorts in a twist about the "rule of law" when Bill Clinton told a gentleman's lie about Monica. But when it comes to illegal wiretapping, the silence is deafening.

Thank goodness for Arlen Specter. And even that smarmy little Lindsey Graham has managed to ask some tough questions. Others are cautiously beginning to protest. Will they finally be able to tell us that emperor has no clothes?

Blind loyalty is a second-tier American virtue, reserved for Mafiosi, gangbangers, and sports fans. But courage against all odds is what we value most.





*Myrmidons: ant-people of Greek mythology, known for their blind and remorseless loyalty to their leader.



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