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Monday, 2.6.06: Butt-In-Chair Weekend

The problem with having your whole mental, creative, economic, spiritual, and recreational life on the computer is that your whole physical life is spent sitting in front of it.

That's what happened this weekend. Saturday was particularly bad. I didn't get up from my desk all day, except for brief excursions to the kitchen and bathroom. After our evening movie, I was back up here for another couple hours.

Yesterday was better. At least I went out for groceries, washed clothes, packed ebay sales, and stopped at Blockbuster for Disc 3 of "House: Season One." I even took a pass at reorganizing my sock and underwear drawers, but now the floor in front of my closet is littered with socks too ratty or too wooly for the cottony comfort my feet require but too good to throw away.

Did Ebay paperwork. Bills. Installed McAfee Anti-Spyware. Scanned a few things for future sales.

My big project was to finish up the expansion of the Cosmo web site. I added two galleries: photomontage and restoration. You'll see I had to do a different version of the logo to get the page to look right. And several passes at the galleries themselves to get the sizing right. To prove myself, I did the restoration work on a badly damaged 1920s photo of my mother and the young man who would one day be her step-father:

All feedback on the efforts welcome as usual.

In between all this self-promotion, I humbled myself before the angry god Illustrator -- doing some more practice and pondering its mysteries.

So much for my exciting weekend.




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