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Wednesday, 2.1.06: State of the Union

Well, we were good citizens last night and watched the State of the Union address by George Bush.

The rhetoric was pretty, but it added up to the usual steaming pile of twisted logic with  a laundry list of hollow domestic promises. Why would we believe anything he says anymore. Every speech sounds as if he just won the election for the first time. What happened to the flight to Mars? What happened to his so-called Social Security reform (except for his blaming Congress for not passing anything -- why did those dolts stand up and cheer?)? What happened to the rebuilding of New Orleans?

I feel the sorriest for the people of New Orleans. They sit homeless and jobless while the president turns into the evil spawn of J Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy.

As my grandmother once said after a long pointless argument with her husband: "He speaks, yet says nothing."

He speaks, yet says nothing.


Now could we please get a Democrat with fire in his or her belly to take on the Republican spin machine?

The Senate is not a good bully pulpit for Presidential wannabes. It's a legislative body that's supposed to run on teamwork and courteous consensus building. Senators are always having to compromise -- it's their job -- but they wind up looking wimpy.

I think Kerry showed some spine to try to filibuster the Alito vote, but (because it's the Senate) he came off looking like a brat who "broke ranks" in a party that lacks "discipline."

Let's hear some more from Al Gore. And we need a passionate Bill Clinton right now more than we need Hillary.




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