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Sunday, 1.29.06: Gloom & Doom

Remember how everyone felt a little superstitious about the year 2000? Remember how we breathed a collective sigh of relief when midnight came and the world was not plunged into chaos? It had been fun to get ourselves all worked up and then to realize that our modern world has too many smart people and too many checks and balances to crash so easily.

And yet here we are on a dark January morning in 2006 facing the end of the civilized world -- or more precisely, the end of post-Medieval Western civilization. It isn't the cataclysm of a single day. It's simply a day-by-day accumulation of errors and misjudgments and distractions that start having a multiplier effect on one another. Throw in the Bush Administration and you're left open-mouthed, watching a slow-motion trainwreck wondering what next.

I've added a new site to my favorite commentary places: TruthDig! Right now it features a chilling article by Gore Vidal called "President Jonah."

Internationally acclaimed essayist, novelist and playwright Gore Vidal argues that America under Bush is evincing characteristics of the post-fall-of-Rome Dark Ages: the triumph of faith over reason, the atrophy of education and critical thinking, and integration of the state, torture and religion.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that scientists are worried that we may have reached the tipping point on global warming. Nice Neo-Dark Ages touch.

Eat, drink and be merry.



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