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Thursday, 1.26.06: Kissable vs M&M Face-Off

There are two ways to eat M&Ms -- crunching or melt-in-your-mouth. Are you a cruncher or a melter?

I swing both ways on this matter. If I'm mellowed out, melting is the way to go. It's my red wine mood. The connoisseur, the gourmet.

If I'm a little anxious, a little stressed out, I crunch. This is my white wine mood. Crunch, gulp. More, more, more. The gourmand.

Sometimes, in a crunch mood, I force myself to let the M&Ms melt in my mouth thinking it will chill me out. I can't say this works, but isn't eating chocolate about comforting self-delusion anyway?

So my sister Kathleen is excited about the new Hershey's Kissables and sends me a bag, positive they will immediately win me over.

But I've been addicted to M&Ms, with their delicate peanut-y grace note, for many a decade. I was very little, getting over an infection by taking a prescription of penicillin. When the last pill was gone, my mother filled the bottle with M&Ms as a reward. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The Kissables are cute -- like candy-coated chocolate chips -- and the points make for an interesting mouth sensation.

They are slightly sweeter than M&Ms but not like those horrid Jots.

The candy coating is a little thicker than M&Ms. This means the coating is a feature. With M&Ms, the purpose of the coating (as we all know) is to let the chocolate melt in your mouth and not on your hands.

Kissables are great for crunching. The heavier shell provides a great mixed texture. But they resist the melting mood. The shell doesn't melt at the same rate as the chocolate, so when the chocolate is coating the palate, the shell remains to be crunched by the front teeth. An interesting "third way," the hybrid of melt-crunch.

So will Kissables replace M&Ms as the cure-all of choice? I won't be able to say until the next time I haunt the candy aisle, desperate for the fix.




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