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Tuesday, 1.24.06: Tackling Illustrator... again

I figure if my sister Kathleen can be valedictorian of her Adobe Illustrator class, there is hope for me yet.

Did you ever keep butting your head against a wall trying to learn something? That's me and Illustrator. What bothers me is that in my early days of computer graphics, I got my start on vector-based* programs -- Corel Draw and what is now Microsoft Visio. Usually what you start with is where your brain sticks.

When I started to do graphics on the web I had to switch to a bitmap* graphics program -- first Photo-Paint, then Photoshop. It felt so loosey-goosey, so unstructured. Took me forever to adjust to a new paradigm.

I invested in Illustrator -- maybe when I got interested in cartooning and animation (another of my lost causes) -- because it was touted as the creme de la creme of drawing programs.

Unfortunately, it hides all its charms.

learning Illustrator is like joining the Masons

To me, learning Illustrator is like joining the Masons or a cultish religion -- you can't truly partake until you learn all the secret handshakes and arcane rituals. You can do anything in Illustrator -- as long as you've memorize the secret key combinations.

So I got out my Illustrator books and decided to start from scratch and actually learn the basics. We'll see what transpires...


*Vector graphics: lines are calculated mathematically and can be easily scaled up and down. Think hard-edged drawing. Bitmap or pixel-based graphics: more like paint over the pixels in your screen. Think photographs.



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