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Sunday, 1.22.06: Favorite columnists

Since Sunday is filled with newspapers and talking heads on TV, I think of it as my own political commentary day. But today -- feeling my own helplessness against the rise of our new King George -- I thought I'd reorganize myself around favorite columnists.

Maureen Dowd has to be my favorite. She goes right for the jugular -- a deliciously snotty wiseass -- like your best friend in high school, the brat who still got better grades than you. She used to be the high point of my Sunday NY Times but, for some reason I forget, the editors gave her a spanking and moved her midweek. They reprint her in the local paper, but it's often a condensed version.

Arianna Huffington. Maybe it's her Greek accent, but I always think of Arianna as the Zsa Zsa Gabor of political yak - a self-made celebrity. Arianna is everywhere these days. Her all-celebrity blog The Huffington Post is my internet homepage. I like her because, while her views are progressive, she loves giving Democrats a kick in the butt (which they need!).

Andrew Sullivan, who writes the Daily Dish, is conservative but thoughtful and independent in his thinking. His conservatism seems to rise from a well-formed set of beliefs, not right-wing talking points. His blog was recently incorporated into the Time Magazine site, where he is often a columnist. I actually haven't read his blog is quite a while, so I need to re-evaluate it. But his columns in Time are good (he's a Bush critic) and he makes the rounds of talk shows, usually billed as the conservative voice, but he's often surprising.

James Wolcott is a columnist for Vanity Fair. I used to read his blog every day but somehow got out of the habit. Great pen-dipped-in-acid writer.

I'm out of time... have to drag myself to the gym. Check some of these out. Tell me your favorites -- I'm always looking for inspiration.

1.29.06 Addition:

TruthDig! New site with lots of interesting reads.






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