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Puebla MexicoFriday, 1.20.06: Mandala Evening

It all started with a conversation about website design. JP and I exchanged brief emails posing the question about my offering web design services. I designed her site and she gets good feedback on it. I was going to start researching prices, but got completely distracted.

The heart of JP's design is a mandala logo that someone else created. Could I do something similar? What if you took a meaningful photograph -- your magic place, your cat, your own face -- and manipulated the image till it became a symbol in the form of a mandala?

I decided to test this with a random photograph of a side street in Puebla Mexico.

Basically, the challenge started out as a mechanical one of how to put this image into a virtual kaleidoscope. I think Photo-Paint (which I haven't re-installed) has a plug-in that does that, but Photoshop doesn't so I had to play.

Way to kill an evening...

The result isn't half bad, though it might fall short of representing the cosmos I live in...

Maybe making it becomes a meditation in its own right on the nature of design -- which I could use.


[See my Photoshop Tutorial on how to do one of these yourself.]


mandala: Perhaps the most admired and discussed symbol of Buddhist religion and art is the mandala, a synonym for sacred space all over the world. English dictionaries broadly define mandalas as geometric designs intended to symbolize the universe, and reference is made to their use in Buddhist and Hindu practices. More...



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