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Wednesday, 1.12.06: Rant

On TV drama, clever cops track down clever criminals. They are all wily and ingenious.

But in the real world I see that Law & Order plays out between lucky police and brazenly stupid perpetrators.

But enough of that...

I've developed a new conspiracy theory about the true crime occurring now in our society. I'm starting to think that the current US administration is practicing euthanasia -- or even genocide -- disguised as incompetence.

Think about the flat-footed response to Katrina. How many lives of poor people were valued?

Then start paying attention to news about the "reforms" in Medicaid and Medicare, including the so-called drug "benefit." Thousands of poor old people are caught in a bureaucratic nightmare since their Medicaid prescription benefit ($1 per prescription) disappeared and they were transferred to Medicare. They are being slapped with large deductibles and co-pays while pharmacies are afraid of not getting reimbursed. The only option left to these people are to conveniently die. And who in our government cares?

You hear enough of these and you begin to see a pattern. Conservatives often blame poor people for their plight and big business doesn't see much profit from them. So wouldn't it be so easy to put the squeeze on them just enough to thin their ranks? Aren't they just a burden to the neocon world view?

Gotta go...


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