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Saturday, 12.11.04: The Week in Review

Saturday.  Exploring Venice. (I'll cover this elsewhere)

Sunday. 5-hour train trip from Venice to Rome.

Monday.  Lo-o-ong trip home. Train from Rome to airport. Cramped, wakeful 9-hour flight to Philadelphia. Delay in Philadelphia -- will we ever get home? When we finally arrive, the house is chilly, but the furnace clicks on like it's supposed to. There is no food, but we are too tired to eat anyway. I call my mom, call Maria. We unpack.

Tuesday. We are both wide awake at 3 A.M. but manage to stay in bed till 4:30. I write, then take myself to a Pilates class. Grocery shopping to replenish our bare larder. I pick up Hermanita from her stay with the vet. The staff tell me how much she loved the Gerber's sweet potatoes that I included with her food. But she is sullen. Parrots are strange: sometimes they are so excited to see their loved ones, but sometimes they pout like two-year olds who have felt abandoned by mommy. Jim and I made a big pot of minestrone.

Wednesday. Quiet day. Yoga class, writing, and catching up on e-mail. One correspondent appears to have some info on my grandmother's family. It has turned into a mystery about whether my great-great grandmother was a "Spellman" (my mother's assertion) or a "Lynskey" (the Lynskey family's assertion -- that their ancestor Maggie married into the Keville family). Maybe their Kevilles are not my mother's Kevilles, though it is not a common name in Ireland. It will be interesting to see if this can be sorted out.

Thursday. OUCH! My two weeks of walking and my vigorous return to exercise has resulted in some some kind of hip inflammation. Tendonitis or bursitis? Either way, the advice is rest, ice, and ibupropen. I stop at the library and get some books on Italian Renaissance art and "Lives of the Saints" to help me put some order into all the things I've seen lately. Crawled into bed loaded up on pills, with my books, my glass of wine, my M&Ms. You know, a lot of those saints were complete freaks, with their self-flagellation and their ecstasies.

My nephew is having a skin graft today on his injured ankle -- hope that's successful.

Friday. I am surprised at the improvement in my hip, but am still housebound because the car is in the shop for its check-up prior to our drive to St. Louis. Watched the video I took on the Italy trip. Ecchhh. About all I can say is that I practiced my slow panning and zooming. Maybe a few seconds of interest here and there.

Worrying about my dear old dad

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Decalogue, (1989) Parts 6 & 7. Stories covering "adultery" and "stealing."


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