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Saturday, 11.13.04: The Week in Review

Saturday. Worked in the morning, then got caught up in the usual Saturday routine of groceries & diddling around. I continue to try to make weekends different from weekdays in my freeform life.

Sunday. Finished 2 books in my stack. Persepolis & Persepolis 2. After a hint, hint from my aunt, I finally went to and then sent my webmaster cousin some things he might post. Spent a couple hours at Maria's Sunday evening to catch up on business, etc. I must have been Item #50 in her action-packed weekend. After a couple glasses of wine, we were calling her father in Utica to see if he could get us in to see Bill Clinton, who is speaking at Hamilton College on Tuesday evening.

Monday. Got back to drawing characters for my screenplay -- first step in storyboarding. Long talk with a former colleague about the absurdities of life. Long talk with my mother about the absurdities of political life.

Tuesday. Snow, the first dusting.

Tue - Thurs. Drawing, drawing, drawing. Where is it getting me? My mother sent me a Barnes & Noble gift certificate for my birthday, which I immediately cashed in for a book on visual storytelling.

Drama: one of my nephews had a car skid to a halt on his ankle -- scraped the skin and muscle off his 9-year-old bone. Hospitalized as they take care to ward off infection and prepare him for a skin graft.  

Friday. A day to curse computers. I couldn't upload my web entry and it took 3 tries to finally get my hosting service to tell me they changed the location of the server. Grrr... I decided to get back to planning our Italy trip and tried to book a bus tour for 11/23. After battling with the Expedia computers, which kept doubling and tripling the fee, I got to my "nonrefundable" vouchers and found they were made out for 12/5. Double-grrrr. I had to call them -- not quite the phone tree hell of Cingular and Sony, but still... I got a new reservation but will have to hold my breath to see if the refund on the wrong one comes through on my credit card. You know, these customer service people are always sweethearts -- but it's their computer systems that suck.

I really just gave up on computers for the rest of the day. In the closet is a big Rubbermaid Tote full of travel junk - tiny shampoos, tiny locks, travel iron, money belts, laxatives. I threw out dried out Wash-Ups, benadryls that expired in 1993, and, really, who needs a traveling clothesline? Then I repacked my dop kit with a fresh supply of Band-Aids, vitamins, sewing thread and sugar-free Kool-Aid. Meaningful work.

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13 Conversations About One Thing (2001). Interlinked stories about order and happiness in the face of life's cold unpredictability. Hard to watch but very good.

The True Meaning of Pictures. Will be discussed tomorrow.


Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Graphic (as in "comic book" format) memoir of a middle class, moderately religious, Iranian girl during the Islamic revolution. Excellent.

Persepolis 2. Marjane's saga continues. Her parents send to Austria to keep her safe, but in the end, she returns home to take up adult life in a very conservative world.


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