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out my window 11.2.04Wednesday, 11.3.04: Birthday + Election

10 P.M. Nov 2:

Tomorrow is my birthday. 56 years ago today it was also the day after the elections. In the newspapers a beaming Truman held up a grotesquely erroneous Chicago paper with the headline "Dewey Wins!"

Today was quiet. Almost meditative. Our polling place is at the American Legion hall about 1/2 a mile down the road. I had the idea of walking down there before dawn, just for the drama of it. But by the time I got organized, the sky began lightening. I decided I'd let the 9-to-5ers have first shot at it. When I arrived at 9:30, I was the only one there, but I was #185. There are about 600 people in our precinct, so I guess that was good.

It was raining. A soaker. And Jim was gone all morning, so it was especially silent in the house. I worked. Every once in a while I turned on the radio but it was only mindless palaver and speculation. I took a couple pictures, fed the outdoor birds, a watched a squirrel figure out how to remove the lid of a squirrel-proof feeder.

At the dinner hour, CNN continued with the meaningless anticipation. We decided to watch a movie so that we could free ourselves from the breathless reporting of nothing-much for a couple hours. Ironically, the movie we had was "Control Room," a documentary on the Arab language broadcast network Al Jazeera, shot during the first few week of the war in Iraq.

6 A.M. Nov 3:

We couldn't take the agony, so we went to bed about 10:30. Just as well. Looks like Bush will win.

With our enormous turnout, the world will now know, that Bush is not an aberration but a refection of how insanely stupid we have become.

I have nothing more to say.





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