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Saturday, 10.30.04: The Week in Review

Saturday. I decided to crystallize my progress on my screenplay so far by doing a Power Point presentation to Maria. It was fun. Turned out to be a "mockumentary" of sorts -- a spoof on business presentations everywhere. It also made me think that a consistent thread throughout our production could be these mock slides and drawings that look like whiteboard brainstorming.

Sunday. Went over to Maria's about 10 A.M. with the Power Point presentation on my laptop. She supplied the bagels and Starbucks. I included some didactic stuff I've learned about screenplay structure so that she could learn how to become a constructive critic. She laughed a lot, so maybe we're on the right track. By the time I got home I had another inspiration around the structure. A staple of the office world is the "strategic scorecard" that is supposed to keep track of progress toward goals. It might be fun to set up a sort of dueling scorecards -- how the scorecard that measures progress on the Noble Cause winds up getting corrupted by those who twist and "revise" it so that the measurements either focus on something completely new and off-track (but easier) or is absolutely meaningless.

Monday. I forged ahead a bit with my ideas, but it seems like whenever I get one good idea down on paper I'm done for the day. I went to the library in the afternoon to think some more great thoughts, but all the chairs felt uncomfortable.

Tuesday. A gorgeous, sparkling fall day. The leaves are past their peak and falling, but still stunning when the sun shines. Talk about stunning: I went for a long overdue appointment with the hairdresser and came out a brunette! My blond-on-blondish was looking bleached out and I've been feeling overall colorless. I would have gone back to red except that it plays havoc with my colors -- hard to wear purples. I'm kind of hesitant about dye jobs around the "mature" face -- the common wisdom is that lighter hair is less severe. But I saw where brown is now the in look, so I figured what the hell. The jury is still out about whether I like it -- it's definitely not colorless, but so restrained that I'm at risk of invisibility. Where is my red lipstick?

Wednesday. With all the progress I made on my screenplay, it is suddenly depressing me and I can't look at it. The artist wannabe inside is telling me that I am probably on the verge on opening up the true vein of creativity -- but what if the vein is not gold, but merely blood? So I wasted some time playing with my new cell phone again. I figured out how to send an email from it. This feature may not be of much use around here, but sending or receiving brief emails while we're in Italy will be cheaper and more convenient than phone calls.

Thursday.  Still avoiding writing. Made up a mock strategy map instead, with measurements for my fantasy organization. I ordered some books of "traveler's tales" about Italy to take with us. Reading literature about the country I'm visiting, while I'm traveling, helps add depth to my experience. It took me a long time to figure that out. Duh. I used to bring irrelevant trashy novels. But then I finally got it that escape literature should be for home or for the beach.

Friday. Did not even try to write today. I straightened up around here. We had some leftover soup from last week, so I rejuvenated it by adding more broth and vegetables and leftovers from my restaurant meal the other night. Delicious. And it made me feel productive.

Tuesday is election day. If Kerry wins, I'll be relaxed and happy. If Bush wins, I'll be sour. Either way, the wind may be out of my "Greed and Arrogance" sails. I wonder what I'll write about here -- ranting comes in so handy...


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Hearts and Minds -- Vietnam documentary, discussed here.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, discussed here.

Fahrenheit 9/11. Oy, heavy duty. Moore must have been inspired by Hearts & Minds because it has so many of the same elements. Handsome, robust American soldiers, gung-ho for war -- then terribly disillusioned or maimed or killed. Devastated parents. And an invaded country full of skinny poor people who can't figure out what the hell is going on or why their loved ones are being killed and their homes bombed to smithereens.


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