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table of organizationTuesday, 10.26.04: Table of organization

Sometimes, when I doodle, I diverge from the usual stars and spirals, and create little tables of organization. There was a time when I thought that the most creative thing I'd ever do again was a slick, neatly drawn table of organization.

Somewhere along the line, I actually studied up on the correct components. Some people just draw lines willy-nilly -- anyone who has to relate to anyone else gets a line between them, maybe dotted. That's so annoying. You have to sit people down and ask pointedly: "Who supervises you?" People will say, "Well I sort of report to this one, but in some cases I have to report to that one."

"So who signs your timecard?" I'd have to ask. Or, "Who does your annual evaluation?"

A dotted line is supposed to be a red flag. Murky relationship! Eee! Eee! Eee! But they are inevitable. The psychiatrist has to monitor the clinical work of the psychologist, but the administrator has to make sure the psychologist is providing the right service to the right clients. It gets unbelievable complex. Conflicts arise.

Your average joe who worked his way up the company ladder has no idea that people at Harvard have theories and models for what organizations of certain types should look like on paper. Your average joe just picks up his ruler and starts drawing boxes and connecting them up.

I used to really care about this.

Now I don't.

Now I draw little fantasy organizations and worry about how to color them so that they look like hand-painted plates.

(Does coloring your doodles count toward "daily drawing practice"?)



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