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Sunday, 10.24.04: Maddie Alive

This is Maddie. She is the character who is haunting my mornings and jinxing my second act.

I'm no great shakes as a cartoonist, but I keep telling myself that if I draw something every day, I might be able to develop the sort of basic competence I have as a writer. The original sketch is only 2 inches high, in pencil, done quickly so that I wouldn't get her all stiff, so nevermind about the unbalanced boobs.

Maddie actually has a lot in common with my other alter ego, Dangling Woman. She is a restless rearranger with bad timing. But DW is a superhero -- or at least she has aspirations to be.

Maddie's story is really already told here. I outlined her pretty well in September when I started this project -- spent several journal entries ruminating about me/her.

And yet I keep having to go back to her description to focus in on precisely what she wants (consciously), what she needs (unconsciously), what she's willing to risk to get it, what she's most afraid of, and why she is her own worst enemy.

I am also putting a Powerpoint presentation together for Maria, "my producer," to outline where I am so far with the story. Because I tend to write and write and get all complex, reducing the story to bullet points has some value at the moment. Having little sketches of the characters also helps me move the whole thing from concept to, well, scenes.

What do I see in this sketch? Maddie doesn't look like a mature professional in the corporate healthcare sector -- clearly an iconoclast. The loopy earring and high heels with her rolled up jeans suggests she's a "Sex in the City" fan, but what's with the hair? She might like to be a babe, but doesn't have it all together. And no make-up -- too dedicated to her work. Her lips are tight -- her jaw set. An attitude. Bad tempered when she has to deal with fools, as confirmed by hands on hips.

Ok, back to work...



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