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Saturday, 10.23.04: The Week in Review

Saturday. Screenplay: Spent the morning on Act I, brainstorming some scenes. Watched the extras associated with the movie Brazil. In The Battle of Brazil, Terry Gilliam described how the American distributor insisted on re-editing the film so that it would have a happy ending. Gilliam had to resort to guerilla tactics to get his original version released. A sobering look at the politics of movie-making -- "independence" and "making money" are probably mutually exclusive. Sigh...

Sunday. Morning screenplay work: making notes on my characters -- what drives them? Finished hotel reservations for Rome. Yikes - expensive - but you only go 'round once, right? Fugai assures me that nowhere is as expensive as London these days, so what the heck. Inordinate amount of time investigating how to rent a cell phone in Italy.

Monday. Screenplay: Character motivation - reworking Act I for better logic: A must drive B must drive C. Stopped at the cell phone store to change my area code and wound up buying a new phone. It has the technology to be a global phone, so maybe I won't have to rent an Italian cell phone after all. Dinner at Pattaya, the local Thai restaurant.

Tuesday. Screenplay: Character motivation. Playing with new phone -- with cameras etc., they are really as much like toys these days as communication devices.

Wednesday. Is my life so boring that I'll have to begin making up things to put in my journal??? Writing a screenplay does not create much excitement in one's day. I thought I'd get mileage out of jotting down my progress every day, but... y-a-w-n......zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday.  Jim had a routine gastroscopy this morning -- all clear. Spent the afternoon at the local library. It's very pleasant -- easy chairs, fireplace, coffee shop, lots of outlets for laptops, plus a free wireless network if you want to surf. I didn't surf because surfing is so immediately accessible already from my home computer and checking email and newsfeed are grand distractions for me. The library is supposed to protect me from all that.

Friday. It's wonderful that the Cardinals won the National League, but for this quadrant of the country, the World Series was Sox vs. Yankees and the gushing over the Red Sox drowned out any coverage at all for the Cardinals' 7th game. For my family's sake, I'd prefer the Red Sox would continue their tradition of losing for the coming Series. On the other hand, Jim was an avid Sox fan when he lived in the Boston area during his high school years.

Spent the afternoon catching up on deskwork: paying bills, balancing checkbook, tending to various bits of business required to allow us to go away next month (e.g., getting boarding arranged for the parrot). Also arranged it so that my cell phone will work while we're in Italy -- cool.

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The American Friend (1977) Dennis Hopper has his turn playing the Tom Ripley character created by Patricia Highsmith. A German version.

8 1/2 (1963). I found that I identified more with this movie than with Fellini's earlier La Dolce Vita.

Young Frankenstein (1974). This Mel Brooks movie gets my vote for funniest movie ever.



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