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Saturday, 10.16.04: The Week in Review

Saturday.  Cosmopolitan Productions Quarterly Business Meeting. At Maria's kitchen table, with a bottle of champagne left over from our Anxiety cast party. She works at the kitchen table to keep an ear/eye on her son. She sits at the eye of a benign hurricane -- a constant swirl of kids yelling, phones ringing, people dropping by. But we managed to get our to-do list done and to review progress on my screenplay.

Sunday. Festival of One Acts.

Monday. Feeling fat and addicted to a certain brand of soft-crisp chocolate chip cookie. My problem is that during the celestial postures of my yoga class, I start fantasizing about the cookies being baked just across the street at Wegman's. This is probably as effective as a post-hypnotic suggestion. I need a different image but there is no seductive pull to celery. Oh, maybe I shouldn't be thinking about food at all.

Tuesday. Trip planning -- discovering my inner Italian.

Wednesday. Talked to Fugai for a while this afternoon. I'm sure she doesn't think of herself as a coach, but I always find her insightful and encouraging. She knows what goes into a good story and good characters and good acting and can actually articulate it in an analytical way instead of the opinionated way most of the rest of us do.

Watched the debates -- not very analytically this time. Maybe I had too much wine in preparation. Bush didn't drool, so I thought maybe the pundits would say he won, but it looks like Kerry scored again.

Thursday.  A non-day. The rains have come. I should mention that even when it's raining, the autumn maple trees look like they are on fire against the dark hills behind us. Found an excuse to go to Wegman's to get my cookies. Damn.

I installed an upgrade of Powerpoint on my computer and a Powerpoint reader on my laptop. I don't think of it as much of a creativity tool. But I figure it'll great for making a story pitch when I start wanting feedback on my screenplay project.

Friday. Didn't do much of anything. Woke up early, then went back to bed. Got myself to yoga class and teetered my way through the postures. Lunch with an old friend. Made a couple of hotel reservations -- Venice and Florence. My formula: cross-check the bargains that come up on with the Fodor's or the Frommer's. The guide books have some screening criteria and opinions about their picks. Expedia is just concerned with low prices. It's amazing how few hotels are in both listings.

Aside from getting a trip on the books, this doesn't amount to much of a week. If my job is writing that screenplay, I better start cracking the whip on productivity.

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape? This is a great movie, but I completely forgot we watched it about a year and a half ago. Brain cramp.

Time Bandits. More Terry Gilliam. Fun with dwarves.

La Dolce Vita (1961). Cultural prep for Italy.




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