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Saturday, 10.9.02: The Week in Review

Saturday.  We actually went out to a movie -- in part because I worry every Saturday that I'll have nothing to write for next week's Week in Review. "Brown Bunny" was playing for one night at the Eastman House. Fugai had mentioned it to me as strangely affecting, though not to everyone's taste. We liked it.

Sunday. I don't usually go to the gym on weekends because it's too crowded, but I forced myself to go to yoga class today because I'd been slacking off and feeling like a slug. I was restless. Walked across to the video store to get something for inspiration. I really wanted to see "The Conversation" with Gene Hackman -- I've seen it several times, but it had the kind of downward spiraling plot progression I'm interested in mimicking. Couldn't find it. But it was a beautiful warm afternoon, so I stopped at the custard stand. I just sat at one of their picnic tables in the sun and enjoyed.

Monday. This morning I made up a new rule for myself: 3 hrs of creative work before late morning exercise class. This means being more disciplined about getting up at 6 A.M. when the coffee-maker goes on. If I start reading news summaries and witty-angry political opinions too early, I'm completely distracted and don't get any work done.

Tuesday. My big assignment from the newspaper: write my opinion of the VP debate and submit it the moment the debate was over. A deadline! I was nervous! My fingers were ice. The result is here, though my prep thoughts from the day before are probably more amusing.

Wednesday. I've done a lot of buzzing back and forth with Maria this week -- nothing much to do with Cosmo, everything to do with The Institution where I used to work and where she is still enmeshed. I can be her informal mentor and it doesn't stress me out -- kind of like being her grandma. She invited me over for wine and a final wrap-up tonight, with a soak in her hot tub. Laughs.

Thursday.  Last week, in a frenzy of frustration with my laptop I ordered a new one. Then I got my old laptop humming along just fine and started feeling guilty. Sony called to say the order got shipped to the wrong address and they had to retrieve it, blah, blah. I said ok -- should have cancelled then and there. Days passed. I emailed. They said, oops it's back-ordered. I said cancel. But, whaddya know, it turns up on my doorstep this morning. Ok, I sez to myself, I'll try it out and see if it seduces me. It was well on it's way to captivating me when I discover the model out of the box does not have the integrated wireless network card in it that the box says it does. [Rude you-lose buzzer noise] Enough. I go through the endless phone tree to get a return authorization, pack it the hell up, and march right over to the UPS Store. I will be happy with what I have.

Friday. My creative time was disrupted when I spotted mold growing on a couple carpets in my ground floor study. Freakout. They are little, but old, and get dumped into the washing machine anyway. More mold growing on the hardwood floors near the outside wall. I hope my clean-up worked and it's not the toxic kind that creeps back into everything. Our ground floor is not particularly damp, but it's been a very wet summer and early fall. When I went to check out a dehumidifier I was told there isn't one left in this county.

A few weeks ago I published a tribute to my grandfather Ewald. I mentioned he worked at Con P. Curran Printing. Today, I got an email from one Con P. Curran IV wondering what the relationship was between E and CPC Senior. The original Con P. Curran was this guy's great grandfather. I wrote that he was also Ewald's uncle. CPC IV did not even know his GGF's brother had children. I set my mother to work trying to straighten me out on E's family history so we can share it with a long-lost relative, who now lives in Santa Barbara. I think the internet is completely amazing this way.

Watched the debate. Bush did better, but really has a hard time with his face. He didn't look like a chimp, but blinked like crazy. Kerry got all the facts straight, Bush got all the laughs. Do class clowns beat the smart guys? They do if this is a nation of chuckleheads.

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Clerks (First Cut). (1994). And Snowballing, which is a 90-min Making-Of documentary.

Brown Bunny. (2003) Lonesome, with way too much scandal over the explicit sex scene.

Brazil (1985). Watched it for inspiration, with Terry Gilliam's commentary. It's the kind of bizarre workplace setting I'd like to emulate (more cheaply) for my current project.

Director's Series: Terry Gilliam. This week I'm fascinated by Terry Gilliam, film director, cartoonist, animator, and the American member of Monty Python's Flying Circus. I think I'm creative till I bump up against someone outrageously and insanely creative.



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