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Saturday, 9.25.04: The Week in Review

Saturday.  I went to the public library. How about that? It's been ages. I find myself interested in a book or an author but being a little more hesitant these days just to do One-Click at Amazon. I really don't need half a library on every topic that crosses my mind. The Penfield Branch is spacious and friendly but the stacks -- especially non-fiction -- had sort of a dated feel. But, snap out of it -- does one really need to be on the bleeding edge of say, macrame? Or how to improve your bowling score?

Sunday.  Screenplay work: I began brainstorming in earnest about shaping my "retirement" story into a short movie. Third Annual Artwalk: Heavily advertised as an incredibly artsy event in a neighborhood trying to get that reputation for itself. The neighborhood is fun -- lots of color and folkartsy outdoor sculpture. I thought it would be a change from the ubiquitous craft fair, but the acts were a wee too amateur -- just a tiny bit like they let the therapy groups out for the afternoon. When we got back I opened a bottle of champagne because I didn't have any wine and it zoned me right out for the rest of the afternoon.

Monday. Screenplay work. My creative cocoon is the ground floor study. A short couch. No windows, soft lights. A notebook and colored pens. Searching through old notebooks and calendars for clues about the past.

Tuesday.  Screenplay work. This afternoon I took the work to the public library. I'm looking ahead to options for winter. This will be the first full cold-weather season working from home and I've read too many Stephen King stories about crazed isolated writers. I'm also trying to alternate my exercise hour between the gym and walking outside before bad weather makes the gym my only alternative.

Wednesday - Friday. Screenplay work.

Friday. The week of self-examination and "research" was engaging, but in many ways heavy on my spirit. My desire to make a dark movie instead of a cheery one has me looking into all the scary corners. Carol and Deb invited us over for margaritas & ginger ale -- a much-needed social break. But then Carol and I got into a conversation about my screenplay project and she opened up another whole vein of inquiry, since she has her own tale to tell about the past few years at the Institution. I'm not sure how many veins I can have open at once without hemorrhaging.

Carol also finally showed us her "outtakes" of the tribute film she did for my retirement. It was hilarious -- a great way to end an introspective week, with laughter.

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Pirates of the Caribbean. More Johnny Depp. A swashbuckler -- entertaining but l-o-n-g-e-r than necessary.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. The first 2 episodes of the PBS series, plus an interesting interview with John LeCarre.


Film School. The Independent Film Channel has a new "reality" series, following 4 students at NYU Film School, each of whom are making a short film. I saw episode 2. They are tortured and bumbling. They make Maria and me look like old pros. Interesting.



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