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Sunday, 9.19.04: The Week (Sat-Fri) in Review

Saturday.  Maria came over and we worked on the opening to the foster parent recruitment video. She was skeptical of the choices I'd made, so we haggled it out together while she watched me jumping among computer programs. We graduated to more appropriate weekend pleasures and ended the day in her hot tub while her fiancÚ Scott cooked kebobs on the grill.

Sunday.  Spent the day pounding out revisions to the recruitment video. By 4 o'clock I just hated the whole hideous thing. But by 11 P.M. it was almost appealing again.

Monday. With the recruitment DVD completed, I could begin to clean up the mess surrounding me. Since we also received our check for the anxiety video, I started figuring out the financials of Cosmopolitan Productions so that I could pay Maria her share. Maria came by, gave her thumbs up to the new version.

Tuesday.  Our client finally approved the video, so I spent most of the day adding a bit more motion and a few more images. It always seems like an endless task to do the final rendering and burn a DVD, but finally it was done.

Wednesday. Handed off the final DVD to Maria and succumbed to post-project anxiety. Enjoyed happy hour with an old friend on the "deck" of a funky little bar in Rochester. The newspaper ad had made the place look trendy, but it was simply a little neighborhood bar and grill with a big enough front yard to put some umbrella tables and plastic chairs. Inside was a line-up of seedy-looking barflies and a couple of crazy street people wandered by our table outside. But maybe "trendy" was not really what I was looking for anyway. The place had a comfortable feel and both the owner and our waitress sat down with us to chat for a bit.

Thursday.  Breakfast with Marc, a former colleague. In his early 40's he's finally getting married on April 9. I was a little more successful today in taming my post-project anxiety. I started mind-mapping -- jotting ideas and directions into my notebook as I read "Creative Filmmaking from the Inside Out."

Friday. Somehow my brainstorming got me picking up a book of F. Scott Fitzgerald essays called "The Crackup." Fitzgerald is always an inspiration to me, if only because his writing is so clear and precise.

Before I go on with this short history, let me make a general observation -- the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.

We went out to the galleries Friday night. In addition to my gushing over George Maharis, we listened to two bands. The Mark Cassara Band was a jazz trio -- electric piano, saxophone, drums. The saxophone player doubled as a singer -- an Italian with soul, I guess you'd call him. Moondance was more of a general purpose band -- singers, percussion, keyboard, electric guitars. They could play anything -- the type of band that would be fun at a wedding. I've forgotten how much I enjoy live music. I never think of it as something to do, but when I hear it, I'm mesmerized. Anyway, I was juiced enough that I gave them both my card, saying Cosmo would do a video for them -- cheap. I think doing a music video would be a blast -- just the change of pace I need.

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El Mariachi and Desperado. Movies by Robert Rodriguz -- how to do action films on the cheap. Recommended for film students.

Dead Man. More Johnny Depp. Not recommended unless you are into long metaphorical (and literal) meditations on death.



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