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Friday, 9.17.04:  Bye-bye, Cayman

My plan to get myself reinspired yesterday didn't exactly work out. After my entry I took a walk and listened to about an hour of The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. I seem determined to let Oprah pick what novels I read these days.

Then I bought a couple big chocolate chip cookies to really get my inspiration going. But I kept flipping on the TV to see the hurricane damage. Fugai wrote to say how badly Grand Cayman was wiped out by Ivan and directed me to a discussion board to find out more. Her family had vacation homes there for decades -- before it was cluttered with condos and cruise ships. Her father let us borrow his condo for our honeymoon in 1993.

Grand Cayman, North Sound 1981

This picture (2 pasted together) was from our first trip there in 1981 -- Fugai with her mother, aunt, and was-he-her-husband-yet Terry. It was back when I was still a mysterious, ill-fitting addition to the circle of Jim's old friends. It was my first Caribbean vacation. Jim and I were scuba diving in those days and Terry was bonefishing. In this picture we are on a boat trip on the North Sound and I had my first taste of conch. We have lots of pictures, from four trips -- the good ones are under water. They are probably worth a travelog treatment one of these days.

After this dose of nostalgia I needed a short nap.

I was determined to focus on "story" for my afternoon of creativity. But instead I wound up playing around with the 1946 footage of my parents' families partying -- fascinating, but no story really. No beginning, no conflicted middle, no end.

Thank goodness when it was 5 o'clock -- dinner, news, followed by the evening's movie.



The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCuller.


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